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List of mammals of estonia

List of mammals of estonia

Order: Erinaceomorpha (hedgehogs and gymnures)[edit]
Common noctule
Order: Soricomorpha (shrews, moles, and solenodons)[edit]
Least weasel
Order: Artiodactyla (even-toed ungulates)[edit]
European hare
Red fox
Water vole
Grey seal
European Mink, Mustela lutreola
European Beaver (Castor fiber) / Sven Zacek
Flying Squirrel (Pteromys volans) / Rainar Kurbel
Racoon Dog
Lynx (Felis lynx) / Sven Zacek
Daubenton's bat
Lynx (Felis lynx) / Valeri Štšerbatõh
List Of Estonian Mammals: Mutt ( Estonian), European Mole/ Mullvad ( Swedish) ( Photo: Wikipedia)
Wolf (Canis lupus) / Valeri Štšerbatõh
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) / Sven Zacek
10 Random Creatures You Might Encounter in Estonia
Wild ...
the wildlife in Estonia Mammals, Insects, Wildlife, Bugs
Lynx (Felis lynx) / Valeri Štšerbatõh
Estonian flying squirrel population could number around hundred, says expert (0)
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... 2010-Hiiumaa-Island-road ...
Estonia is home to a population of approximately 700 brown bears and offers tourists the unique opportunity to spot them on bear-watching tours, ...
European Brown Bear Alutaguse Forest, Estonia ©Neil Glenn
18.10.2018 – Estonian fauna. Golden jackal
Eurasian brown bear
Lynx track
Mustela lutreola (European Mink) | Estonia | Mink animal, Mammals, Animals
List Of Estonian Mammals: Striped Field Mouse , Range: From Eastern Europe , Through Siberia To Japan
Brown Bear Watching
Hiiumaa Island
New Mammal Trips: Snow Leopards in Tibet / Rare Mammals in Borneo
Estonian Nature Tours: TOUR REPORT: BIRDS AND MAMMALS, ESTONIA 8-15th MAY 2015
Western Estonia is penetrated by the East Atlantic flyway which is used during migration by millions of Nordic birds to stop, rest and feed.
Brown bear
Estonian Mammals: Wolverine / Järv / Ahm; 3 Subspecies; Sightings Every Year But Difficult To Number The Population Due To Migration Patterns ( Photo: ...
The oldest stuffed birds date back to mid-19th century. The ornithological collections of the time were compiled by founders of ornithology in the Baltic ...
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Big mammals slow down to let their nerves catch up
Animals mammals of Estonia
Tiit's cabin
Small mammals key species list (other than bats) - local conservation status assessment
We kindly would like to share the beauty of MATSALU with you – one of the most internationally recognized national parks in … | Estonia Places to Visit in ...
Estonian Mammals: 7 Species Of Voles; Bank Vole
North East Estonia
Raccoon Dog, Alutaguse Forest, Estonia ©Neil Glenn
Beaver / Remo Savisaar
Estonian Nature Tours birds & mammals tour is in full swing. With three long 15
Estonia ...
Morocco: The Anti Atlas and the Western Sahara
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Beaver / Remo Savisaar
Estonian Nature Tours
Even the first mammals knew how to suckle
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Wolf (Canis lupus) / Sven Zacek
In addition to Lynx, the reserve hosts a staggering 25 mammal species and a fantastic ...
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Spinolestes , a tiny mammal that lived 125 million
Human activity is causing more and more animals to embrace the night
Red Fox
Estonia Mammals Days 5 - 7:- ...
Millions of birds stop in Estonia ...
bans on circuses
Biota of Estonia: Fauna of Estonia, Flora of Estonia, Achillea millefolium, Valerian, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, List of moths of Estonia: Amazon.es: Source: ...
10 animals that are no longer on the endangered list
3. The Bear
South Asian Mammals An updated Checklist and Their Scientific Names book cover
IUCN red list : Male Okapi in Epulu Ituri Rainforest Reserve Democratic Republic of Congo
Estonian Nature Holidays with Speyside Wildlife
Marine mammals lost a gene that could help them survive polluted waters
Ancestor of All Placental Mammals Revealed
Actually, this extinct South American mammal called Macrauchenia is most closely
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Book Review: A Californian's Guide to the Mammals Among Us
Photo credit: mpiet
Red Data Book of Estonia
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